Two Sisters Roses
Miniatures are hardy enough to grow outdoors in zones 7-10 without winter protection.  With a
good cover of mulch they can survive winters as far North as zone 4.  Please check the Zone
Map for your zone.  Miniature roses are surprisingly easy to grow and they look great as
edgings or borders for your perennial beds.  Miniature roses range in size from the micro-minis
which grow from about five inches tall and up to a height of four feet or more. The flowers are
from 1/8 inch to two inches in diameter and the range of colors is similar to that of full-sized
roses.  Most types will bloom from spring until hard freeze.  Increasingly popular, miniature
roses come in all shapes and sizes, single, double and pompom blooms. Other characteristics
include well-formed buds, closely spaced foliage, free flowering tendencies and disease
resistance.  Miniature roses do very well with 1/2 day sun and even better with full sun with a
little afternoon shade.  Well fed miniatures will reward you with good health and lots of bloom.